BFF Date Night Fun

My BFF and I have try to schedule weekly “date nights” with each other, which double as weekly play dates for her daughter Paige (my goddaughter!) and my fur-baby Freddie.  Paige can’t get enough of the Fredster, who she endearingly refers to as “Sheddie.”

She is SO excited!

She loves to run up and down the hallway with him, but even more, she loves to boss him  around.  😉  She watches me and Jess tell Freddie to “sit” and “lay,” so she follows him around telling him to sit and come.  Poor Paige, Freddie certainly doesn’t acknowledge the “come here” command!  She also loves giving Freddie hugs, and if he happens to lay down to relax, she insists he gets up, so she wraps her arms around him and tries to lift him up.  It’s seriously the cutest thing for me to watch my adorable goddaughter and my sweet Fredster play and get along so well!

Last week Jess and I decided to have a date night and create a new recipe.  I picked up a couple essentials after work and headed over.  Paige was happy to see me, but immediately lost interest when she got to see her BFF, Sheddie. 

As soon as Jess and I got into the kitchen I noticed an irresistable snack on her counter top.  I helped myself and dug right in.  🙂

I haven't seen these in years...they're so addictive!

Jess and I agreed on some sort of pasta/shrimp dish with a naughty cream-based sauce.  We decided on Bacon Shrimp Pasta with Garlic Bread.

Jess made this cute kitchen chalkboard!

We started with multigrain rotini, bacon, shrimp, garlic, lemon, white wine and heavy whipping cream.  We put 4 strips of bacon in a skillet to start, then Jess cleaned the shrimp, and I seasoned them.  I used a few seasonings from Jess’ cabinet that looked tasty, including Cajun blackened seasoning!

Bacon makes everything better

Jess chopped some garlic, grated some lemon zest, and pulled a few sprigs of fresh basil from her backyard.

My beautiful BFF

Paige spent some time on her Mickey Mouse couch, with her stuffed dog (which she named Sheddie!). 

Oh, the life of a baby 🙂

We removed the bacon from the pan when it was finished, and added the seasoned shrimp to cook throughout.  Jess removed the cooked shrimp, and added some olive oil, white wine, and the garlic to the same pan.  Once the garlic was a little browned, she added the heavy cream and several cheeses.


While Jess worked on the sauce, I stopped eating my weight in panda snacks got to work on the garlic bread.  I bought an insanely good-smelling focaccia bread from the grocery on my way over.  It had bell peppers and onions baked into the top with cheese.  Oh MY!


I cut the focaccia through the middle, and spread margarine on each side.  Then I added fresh chopped garlic, Italian seasonings and parmesan cheese.  I cut each half into fourths before baking at 375 for about 5 minutes.  YUM!

Ignore the open panda snack box in the bottom-right corner...

When the pasta was finished, we strained it and added it right into the sauce pan.  Next we added the basil, shrimp and lemon zest, and stirred to coat the pasta. 

Paige kept busy by coloring Dancing Mickey’s shoes black! 


The final touch on the pasta was the chopped bacon, and we were ready to eat.


I started mixing our signature drink for the evening…Shirley Temples!  I combined Sprite and grenadine, and even Paige got some to try (she didn’t like it).


Paige's Pimp Cup

I served each of us, with a slice of garlic bread on the side.


Jess and I were happy to eat, since we were starved at this point, and Paige didn’t waste any time digging in.


Mother & Daughter

Jess and I each went back to the pan to scoop up some more of the sauce, because the pasta soaked it all up instantly.  I loved the flavor combinations, and I haven’t had a cream-based sauce in ages, so it was nice to indulge. 

After dinner, we played with Paige and Freddie while we watched the new season of America’s Next Top Model.  I’ve been telling Paige since she was born that she’d win that show without any effort when she’s older.  It will all come natural to her, of course, but I hope she’s watching for new pose ideas!

I had a great night cooking with my BFF and it was nice to spend some time with her outside of work.  We work at the same place, in the same building, just one floor away from each other, but I love spending some QT away from the office.  Paige totally loves Sheddie and it warms my heart to watch him be so sweet and well-behaved with a toddler. 

Paige & her stuffed Sheddie


2 Responses to “BFF Date Night Fun”

  1. steph Says:

    Sounds delicious and looks like a fun night!

  2. thefreckledcook Says:

    It was! Watching Freddie and Paige together reminds me of Rambo playing with your friend’s babies 🙂

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